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Princess Love is set to assume the throne of a powerful galactic empire. But when conspirators try to thwart her ascension, Love and her best friend Kel become stranded on an interstellar lighthouse. Prove Love worthy of rule in this thrilling point and click adventure game.

The powerful and prosperous Velayan Empire has reigned peacefully for over three centuries, even as distant galaxies – connected to the empire by a string of star channels – have been wracked by war.

Now the empress is abdicating the throne. Her eldest daughter, Princess Love, must take her place. But when Love is targeted by conspirators seeking to thwart her ascension, she becomes trapped aboard an interstellar lighthouse, with only her best friend and protector, Kel Yakkavan, by her side.

Love and Kel must expose the threat and save the empire before time runs out.

Blood Nova is a modern point and click adventure game set in a unique and original science fantasy universe. It tells a story of adventure and conspiracy, depicted in classical pixel art.

As Love you will explore an interstellar lighthouse called The Looping Vale, solving creative puzzles and meeting a cast of eccentric characters, each with their own hidden motivations and desires.

Art and code by Aviv Salinas aka Cosmic Void (Twilight Oracle, The Corruption Within, Void Breach), story and design by Ross Joseph Gardner (Half-Life: A Place in the West), music by Donovan Jonk (Megahammer Studios), and Linux  and macOS ports by Steven Don.

Blood Nova is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Blood Nova is intended for mature audiences, containing scenes of moderate violence and mild threat. The story deals with themes of political intrigue and political oppression.

Blood Nova is available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS! For the MacOS version, you will need Mac OS 10.14 or later.

Blood Nova Soundtrack 

For the official Blood Nova soundtrack by Donovan Jonk from Megahammer Studio, please check the links below.

Bandcamp: https://megahammerstudios.bandcamp.com/album/lightdust-the-music-of-blood-nova

Itch: https://megahammer-studios.itch.io/lightdust-the-music-of-blood-nova

For more information, please read the EULA file.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Indie, LGBTQIA, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Sci-fi, Space, Story Rich


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Acá dejo una corta review de Blood Nova 


Cheers! Sadly I don't speak Spanish. :x

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No problem, I said a lot of good things about blood nova because I loved it❤

Thanks so much! <3


What an experience! I just started the game today and I'm already utterly astonished by what has been created here. The atmosphere is tremendously strong, the whole art design is brillant and utterly unique, the soundtrack is brillant and has that strange 80ies vibe to it which I love. And the story premise is so interesting and engageing too. I'll give my full opinion after I've finished it. But as of now I feel enormously fascinated by this game as it's something very special.

Very glad to hear you're enjoying the game! And would definitely be interested to read your take on it when you're done. :) 

(1 edit) (+3)

Brilliant point & click game, with an original storyline. As a veteran LucasArts & Sierra point & click gamer, I can honestly say this was something different, and something I enjoyed very much. I believe you will too!

The music, the story, the characters and the colours! They are superb and add to the atmosphere.


I really liked this demo. I'm not an experienced player, so it took me a little while to understand how to use the map, also I got stuck because I couldn't figure out how to enter the laboratory. I really liked that the music is enjoyable and enhanced the playing experience, although I sometimes missed spoken dialogue, the story is interesting enough. The demo left me wanting to play more and discover what comes next in the story! Wishlisted!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the demo! 


Looking very nice!

Thanks, man!


Beautiful graphical style! You are improving with every game. Can't wait! :)

Cheers, kind words!


very good



The premise looks pretty interesting