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You have just enjoyed a camping holiday with your family when your wife and two young children go missing.  With no way to contact anyone you head towards the only source of civilisation for miles around - a grand old mansion by a lake.  You soon find yourself drawn into a bigger mystery while you desperately try to find your family.

Artistic Style:

The game employs a style that mixes realism with surrealism, which compliments the atmosphere of the game.  The artwork is detailed low-res pixel art using a custom-made colour palette. 

Game Style:

The Corruption Within is a psychological thriller first-person point & click adventure game set in the Victorian era.  While there will certainly be puzzles, the emphasis will be on strong story-telling.  The mansion and its inhabitants hide mysteries that must be uncovered before rescuing your children will become possible.


You will meet members of the aristocracy and the serving class in the game, from the elderly and eccentric Lord and Lady of the manor whose lineage goes back centuries, to kitchen and scullery maids with extremely humble backgrounds, to a butler with delusions of grandeur, to a nurse whose brain has snapped due to events before you arrived… One thing they do have in common, however – they all have secrets! 

An overview of mature and sensitive content: the game contains horror themes, pixelated violence, and other mature themes such as poisoning and imagery of the dead.

This game is brought to you by Aviv Salinas aka Cosmic Void (Twilight Oracle, Blood Nova, Tachyon Dreams) and Dave Seaman (The Captain Disaster series), with music by Eric Galluzzo.


“A beautifully depicted world of shadows and secrets.”
Big Boss Battle

“Visually striking and with plenty of imaginative puzzles, The Corruption Within is an incredibly engaging and entertaining point-and-click mystery adventure!”

“The atmospheric art, mysterious locations and wonderfully dark soundtrack by Eric Galluzzo manage to be devilishly sinister and haunting throughout.”
The Reticule

18.06.2021: First patch applied. Read devlog for notes.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsPixel Art, Point & Click, Psychological Horror, Retro, Story Rich, Thriller


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I bought this on steam. I love it. A solid 7/10. Knocked it down because of some plot holes and glitches I found. Other than that its a really neat horror/mystery game. Weird twist ending, but the graphics and audio are cozy of the era this is suppose to represent.


Thanks, Darkface! Glad you enjoyed the game! :) 

Has this received all the patches from the Steam version? I saw Steam get a 4th patch but no mention of it on here.

(1 edit)

Hey! Yep, these are the same versions. :) 

Edit: There are some bugs that were specific to the Steam version and so were corrected only for that version (like the inability to use the Steam feature of taking screenshots). 


Wonderfully immersive and suspenseful PnC adventure game! The art, music, and writing all set a uniquely dark and twisted tone.

The pixel art hits that sweet spot between pretty detail and eerie low-res suggestion. Music nimbly walks a line between manic, brooding, tense, and sacred. The dialogue and descriptions are rich but not superfluous, and read with a natural ease.

Puzzles are well designed, if not a little too straightforward at times, but never frustrating or perplexing. Only one puzzle had me doing a bit of pixel-hunting and wondering if I had missed a clue or overlooked a hotspot (though I was playing without the optional hotspot highlighter).

Great story and characters will pull you into the plot and have you personally invested in your quest.

Relatively short length makes The Corruption Within feel more like a short play than a feature film, which I found quite refreshing.

Highly recommend! *****

My deep thanks. Glad you enjoyed the game! 



Short, not a bad thing, not every game needs to be bazillion hours long :D

Music fit well, pixel art and colours I loved. Character portraits, super nice.

Liked it and eager to see what future has in store :)

Thank you! Appreciate the kind feedback & glad you liked the game! 

Cool stuff :)

Cheers! :)


Highly recommended! I liked the atmosphere, the plot and the music. My playthrough:

Thanks Ana, glad you liked the game! <3

Hello! Will you release the non-demo version on the itch launcher? Just bought it and would love to play it. Thanks!

Hey! The full version is now available on Itch. Are you not able to download it? 

I am trying to download it through the updater/launcher, but it would only have the demo....

I see! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've changed something in the settings. Please check again to see if it fixed it? If not I'll open up a ticket with Itch to find out what's wrong. 

Yayy it worked! Thank you so much!

So glad to hear! Have fun!


Just backed this on Kickstarter.

Thanks! :)


Your project looks really nice - good luck with the Kickstarter!


Cheers! Still 18 more days to go, so we're marching on! :)