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Glass City, where retribution sings a strange tune. Night is prophecy here. It's the only thing anyone believes in. Or they used to. The sky is sick. The streets weep molten metal. Food, energy, healthcare - no one can afford to live. Now there's a serial killer stalking the streets, killing off the homeless... To my eyes, it’s all the same sin. And who am I? I am Lady Tick Tock, a private detective with means of speaking to the dead…

Elsewhere in the Night is a 2D psychic noir point and click adventure game. Play as private detective Lady Tick Tock as she investigates the latest in a string of unsolved murders.

Elsewhere in the Night's art is heavily inspired by the late 80's Sierra's Manhunter games. In 16 glorious colors and chunky wide pixels, Elsewhere in the Night celebrates its EGA palette and AGI-esque aesthetics.

However, the game is free of any arcade sequences, dead ends, or deaths: you can enjoy the story and narrative and solve puzzles at your own pace, without having to worry about botching a puzzle or getting killed. You won’t ever become hopelessly stuck.

The average playthrough playtime is 1 hour. You can download the game free of charge. If you enjoy it, please consider tipping! Your support may allow us to create more games.

Adult content warning: Elsewhere in the Night contains profanity,  violence, and nudity. Nudity can be censored in the game but is shown by default.

Art and code by Aviv Salinas aka Cosmic Void and story and design by Ross Joseph Gardner.

You are not permitted to host or redistribute Elsewhere in the Night. Read the EULA for more information. 


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
TagsDetective, Female Protagonist, Godot, Indie, Mystery, Noir, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Story Rich


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I really enjoyed this! I'd love more :)

Thank you! Would sure love to make another one!

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Another masterpiece made by Cosmic Void!

This guy is becoming my all-time favorite indie game creator, game after game. Small games with touching stories, plot twists, awesome music... You can't ask for more!

I played this game on a Saturday night, in the dark, wearing my headphones and having my hot coffee by my side. And I can guarantee you that it was an awesome experience.

The pixel art in this game is a visual treat. The attention to detail in every scene. The narrative hooks you from the very beginning and keeps you on the edge.

Hope to see more gems like this one!

Oh golly, such high praise, thanks so much! :)

This was amazing! I dig the cyberpunk and I would love to see more done with Glass City and Lady Tick Tock!

Thanks! :)


Love the artwork in this. Bravo

Thank you!


This game has an excellent story in a dark, unpredictable world where dreams, reality, the dead and the alive seem to all mesh together. I really liked it. Gotta say this was my introduction to the genre of psychic or psycho noir and it felt trippy, almost like reading a Burroughs novel. :D The graphics rocked too. The puzzles were simple enough, I think this was more of a story driven game. Thanks for the experience!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it! :)


I had a great time playing this! This  has really fun noir writing, fun puzzles, excellent visuals. I hope to see  more games set in Glass City!

Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed the game! :)


Will this come to steam even as a free to play please? But if you could buy it, it stays in your inventory.

Shame it's only 1 hour, Manhunter always been underrated, and i wished someone would make something similar but a bit longer.
Maybe a project for a next game, prolong this, or a sequel?

Possibly! Depends if people like the game! 

Deleted 1 year ago

Probably not in the near future.  It's a free game and putting games on Steam costs a fee.

Some still do it, like Enclosure 3-D on Steam (steampowered.com)

Feel free to ask a little money for it, i think your other games have been received well enough? You can even put it on for free, but have a DLC as a donation for a cup of coffee (some do that) or some extra stuff for the game.

(mild spoilers)

Ummm. I saw someone use the cleaned syringe on the wine glass (i felt stuck and looked for a walkthrough lol), but when I had done that, it didn't work. Am I missing something or is this a glitch?

Hey there! Are you sure you've cleaned the syringe? You will know it's cleaned if the inventory description changes from 'dirty' to a new description. 

What message do you get when you use the cleaned syringe on the bottle?

Also, you can only do that after the scene with Cole.

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Oh, one more thing (spoiler):

You'll need to interact with the wine bottle a couple of times to learn that it's not really wine before you can use the cleaned syringe on it.


Really enjoying the music and graphics, but I'm stuck right in the second room and have no idea how to get past the concierge. The text mentions getting the room number from the phone dial, so I figured I'd have to have the hovercraft intercept the call but that doesn't seem to be an option.


Hey! Hint:

She is mentioning listening to the sounds. And sounds do appear in the form of 'beeps' and 'boops' just above her. Does it help?


...Okay, I'm a dumbass, I didn't even think to try that. Thanks for the hint!

You're welcome! :)


I'm really looking forward to playing this one! Congratulations on your new release! 👏

Thank you, hope you have fun! :) 


I am sure I will! I will definitely be sure to stream this one when I play it.

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Cool, would love to watch it!


This is a great early gift for the holidays. An investigative point and click adventure with cool Sci-fi detective abilities.  Can't wait to play it!


Cheers! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. :) 


I love the Manhunter like gfx! Anticipating this one


Thanks! I love the art in the Manhunter games.