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The adventures of Dodger through space and time continue! Previously a dish washer (person, not a machine!) onboard Space Station Penrose, Dodger must travel the space-time continuum and inter-dimensional highways to save the universe from the Tgorodians, a bunch of time-travelling thugs in search of the fabled Garden World!

Tachyon Dreams II: The Bloated Can of Space Root Beer is the exciting second chapter in a series of short sci-fi comedic text-parser adventure games with EGA graphics that will look and feel very much like the mid/late 80's adventure games by Sierra. Think early Space Quest games. Think AGI. 

Average first playthrough length: 30 minutes. 

How to play: use the arrow keys to move, ESC for options. Type your commands then, press enter for the magic to happen!


Text parser! Type your commands!
Colorful, low-res, pixel-wide, EGA graphics!
Humor! It's joky!
Travel through space and time!
Play as a dish washer! In a whole other world!

Redistribution is not allowed. 

Music by: 
Joanna folk https://twitter.com/DirtyRottenDevs
Death Defyin' https://twitter.com/DeathDefyin

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29/05/2023: Version 1.02 uploaded! Fixed a bug where the game would fail to understand player input.

16/03/2022: Version 1.01 uploaded! Fixed a glitch with the shark's shadow not showing properly (minor, but still...!) 

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GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsComedy, ega, free, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Short, text-parser


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This makes me want to go back in time to the late 80s & play more text parser games. :) 


Cheers, CH! :)


I loved the descriptions in this one.  The story is definitely getting more mysterious.  I like how nonchalant Dodger is about everything happening. True to character, I suppose.

Thanks, glad you liked it! And yeah, he's a bit of a happy-go-lucky type of dude haha. 


It was fun! I thought Dodger would be time travelling again, but I enjoyed it nevertheless, things are a little bit mysterious and unsettling in this chapter. The story gets interesting, I don't know if Dodger should trust Tenas. I'll be waiting for chapter three. 

Thank you for this games!

Thanks, glad to hear! He sort of does, going through the portal, but I suppose it could have been made clearer.


very good