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Journey to a strange world in search of the fabled Oracle in this fantasy comedy point & click adventure. Play as Leo, a struggling student with the ability to breathe underwater, and explore a desert island and the depths of an alien ocean to uncover your school’s dark past.

Explore the mysterious forests, caves, and shores of an alien world, and plunge into its uncharted depths to uncover its secrets.

Unravel the mysteries of the island with the help of your friends, each with their own unique ability. Collaborate with Marcus, who can conjure fire from thin air, Jill, who can read minds, and Olivia, who can summon a gust of wind.

Get ready to solve puzzles and enjoy the witty (and at times, juvenile) banter between Leo and his friends. Immerse yourself in Twilight Oracle's nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of classic retro adventures.

Game Features:

• An intricately detailed world of a classic 2D point-and-click adventure game.
• Stunning pixel-art landscapes.
• Full English Voice Over.
• Subtitles in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese (BR).
• Humorous banter between Leo and his friends.
• Beautifully crafted scrolling rooms.
• Detailed character portraits.
• Puzzles, naturally!

Design, code, and art by Aviv Salinas. Music by Ben Cooper, with additional music by Brian Manown and Paul Darbot. Linux and macOS ports by Steven Don.

Mature Content Description: 

Some mild sexual innuendo and references to tobacco and alcohol.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
TagsColorful, Comedy, Exploration, Fantasy, Funny, Indie, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Twilight Oracle.dmg 216 MB
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Twilight Oracle Demo (Itch).zip 48 MB

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Played the demo, really nice, the layout reminds me of Legend of Kyrandia fame. It really seems very well-constructed and solid adventure game. It would be really nice to see subs in my native language as well; I can help with that if you consider expanding your game in more languages to play. Hasta luego.

Whay is your language?

It's greek;  seems extra work for fonts...

Thanks for the kind work. Sadly, yeah, the game doesn't support Greek. 

Thought so. Never mind, keep up the good work!


Just came because of the Leo main characters.

Starting typo:

ourney to a strange world > Journey to a strange world


Thanks! I've gone over that text so many times, a typo was probably introduced recently.


Just played and finished it. Great and fun little game. Like the graphics! Thanks!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)





¡Un juego increible!

Cosmic Void se supera a sí mismo con esta aventura gráfica que parece recién sacada de 1990. Con unos controles sencillos y unas mecánicas muy claras, el juego permite que la narrativa te enganche durante horas en esta hilarante aventura gráfica cómica como las de antaño. Me lo he pasado igual de bien que cuando de pequeño jugaba en Monkey Island o Indiana Jones en Atlantis.

El apartado artístico no es moco de pavo. Presenta un estilo pixel art refrescante y unas animaciones dignas de los grandes estudios de videojuegos. Los puzles tienen un nivel de dificultad muy bien encontrado. Ni muy complicados como para encallarte durante media hora, ni demasiado sencillos como para ser aburridos. Y la resolución de muchos problemas termina sacandote una sonrisa al completarlo y ver que el humor absurdo de las aventuras gráficas originales sigue tan vivo como el primer día.

Juego 100% recomendado para cualquier persona que le gusten lo más mínimo las aventuras gráficas point & click.


An incredible game!

Cosmic Void surpasses itself with this graphic adventure that looks like it was just taken from 1990. With simple controls and very clear mechanics, the game allows the narrative to hook you for hours in this hilarious comic graphic adventure, reminiscent of those from the past. I had just as much fun as when I was a kid playing Monkey Island or Indiana Jones in Atlantis.

The artistic section is no joke. It presents a refreshing pixel art style and animations worthy of major game studios. The puzzles have a well-balanced level of difficulty. Not too complicated to get stuck for half an hour, nor too simple to be boring. And solving many problems ends up bringing a smile to your face when you complete them, realizing that the absurd humor of the original graphic adventures is still as alive as ever.

A 100% recommended game for anyone who enjoys graphic point-and-click adventures even a little bit.

Thanks so much for the kind words and all the support, man!

Will it be a talkie? (voice acting)

"• Full English Voice Over"!


Oeh, nice! Love the graphics. Will start my Windows machine this evening and play the demo. I love the style and myself make stuff with this kind of style too

Thanks so much! Hope you had fun! :) 
(The demo doesn't have voice over, but the release version will.)


With an awesome cast as diverse as the characters :)

tiene traduccion?



Si, el juego está traducido en su totalidad a un montón de idiomas, entre ellos el castellano :)


Any plans to release this one (and your other titles) on Linux?


That's the plan (with regards to Twilight Oracle)!

Excellent! How about the Tachyon Dreams series? Or Warp Cinema, which honestly seems like a very unique gem?

Thank you for the kind words! I personally can't create a Linux port of GameMaker  games (which the Tachyon Dreams and Warp Cinema games are) so we'll have to see how that can be arranged. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Depending on the licence in use, these might be of help:

As a sidenote, have you considered Godot Engine for future projects?


Twilight Oracle & Elsewhere in the Night are made using Godot. :)
Cheers @ setting up for Ubuntu, but as I don't have a Linux computer, I can't do it myself.

very good

Thanks! :)


Nice one ... aaand backed :)

As someone else mentioned, a Amiga version would be neat indeed. Maybe get in contact with the guy who did the Amiga AGAS port for Turrican 2 VGA, he knows what he's doing.

Thanks you!
I don't know about Amiga... we'll see what we can do! :)




Just imagining... To have this one a amiga...

Just the best to your project.

Yeah... I know. And thanks! 


Yes! So great. Played and finished the demo. Looking forward for the complete game.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)


This is so cool and fun. I like the one-click system. It feels weird at first but it's convenient.

Thanks, Ana! Glad you found it fun. :)


I can't wait to play this! Looks like it will be so much fun.

Thanks so much, Ambrosine! :)


That looks totally awesome! I own all your games and have to say that your graphic style is both unique and has strong classic vibes. I really love to see how you are improving it with every one of your games. Can't wait for this game.

That's very kind of you to say! <3

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Looks awesome, looking forward to the release.

Thanks so much!


Looks like a lot of fun!

(1 edit)

Thanks! :)