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A whodunit, with witches?! In Tommy Gun Witches, you play as a detective who investigates crimes committed by witches, gremlins, devils, you get the picture.

Witches were banished to another dimension, yet some have managed a surreptitious return. A recent murder oddly mirrors their distinctive methods. It's up to you to unravel the threads of the enigmatic murder puzzle.

Tommy Gun Witches is a short retro point & click adventure with pixel-art graphics that incorporates elements of narrative fiction, walking simulator, and visual novel genres.

Adult content warning: Some references to alcohol and narcotics. A small bit of gore.

If you enjoyed the game, try out a similar game I made called Elsewhere in the Night.

Average playtime: 30-60 mins.

You can download and play the game for free! However by donating or backing me on Patreon you can support me in creating more games like this.

Design, code, and art by Aviv Salinas.

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You are not allowed to redistribute the game. For more information, please read the EULA file.

Music by Eric Matyas.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
TagsExploration, Funny, Indie, Mystery, Narrative, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Story Rich, Walking simulator


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Any chance of a Mac version?

Maybe eventually when I make a full version of the game, but it's not on the horizon at present.


loved it! the writing was amazing, you are truly gifted! time to check out your other games :)


Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the game! :)


really interesting concept and story! Maybe consider changing the wording on the inventory when you're near madeline. contextually it implies that you have to use the photo on her to progress. 

Thanks! I'll take that on board when I work on the full release version.

Random Scuffed Games #98


Vorgeschlagen von: Li_The_Wendigo

Coole Musik, netter artstyle, frisches setting, aber dennoch irgendwie skurril, dass wir von TommyGuns, Clownsmasken, NoirMorde Cyberpunk und Hexen in einem Atemzug reden. Sehr Storylastig und in einer halben Stunde konnte ich keine bersonders auffälligen Mechaniken feststellen. Es ist ein klassisches Point & Click Adventure das mechanisch nicht viel anders macht, aber durch Story und Visuals glänzt.


Dito: 3.9/5

Chat: 2.83/5

Gesamt: 3.37/5


Thanks for checking out the game! :)


Hi, I'd like to volunteer to translate your game from English into Brazilian Portuguese.


Thanks! I'll get in touch when I create a full version of the game next year.

Thank you! You can contact me on Discord #gabbo7075

Fun little experience

Cheers! :)


is this game good or not

lets see this game what you have cooking cosmic viod


Had to throw my hat in after long admiring that image of the inspector kicking back with a cold one. Spectacular visual, easy sell. And the game it's attached to is no slouch either!

Hey, thanks for the kind words! :)


I got on my Win PC to play through the end. Enjoyed it and loved the color palette, as always.

I got stuck at one point, and I’ll be cryptic not to spoil: I looked at a video walkthrough and didn’t realize to use the oven before using the ink, whoops.

Cheers, glad to hear you enjoyed the game! :)


I loved the style of it and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to entertain Thunder. There was an intriguing plot as well. I'm glad I got to play! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you & for posting the video! :) I see you've encountered a really weird bug at 8:00 - the mask and gun should really not be there... I wonder what's going on? I'll try and fix it and release a patch.


Ahh, thank you so much for watching! I hope you get the fix done!


Really fun, this brought back memories of some childhood games. I am in fact also working on a mystery game so this caught my eye. Would love to see more, are you planning on continuing with the universe?


Thank you so much! I'd love to do a sequel eventually.


This was such a fun game. I loved the fact that the masks looked like clown makeup. The mansion was spooky. Loved that too. Anyways, I talked about it in my latest podcast episode all about horror games.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the game! :) 

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Really good game! I’m glad the ending turned out well, was not expecting at all the reason for everything. I really enjoyed the the pixelart graphics and how every item collect had a use.

Thanks so much! Will definitely check the video. :)


Thanks! Looking forward to playing more of your games :)


This game was VERY fun and good, legendary work! Really hope for a sequel some day lol


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I wish I'd be able to make a sequel too!


A fun detective game, the premise sounds silly at the start, but some good world building is squeezed in by the end of the case! Excellent work

Thanks Eiggy! Glad you enjoyed the game.


Sad, thats not possible to add the Game to a libery :(

Sorry to hear you've encountered a problem. Can you tell me more about it? Did you try to download the game?


Its only possible to download the game but not to add the game to my game libery to find it easier.

To add a game to the game libery the game must reduce the price to 0 € or US Dollar and then the people can also claim the game to their game libery and not only download the game.


Short game, but with a magnificent story and cool characters. Love the pixelart graphics and the atmosphere. The humor is great and I enjoyed it a lot! Looking forward to play more games from you my friend! 😊


Thanks man! :)


Loved every bit of this game! 

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)





Solve a murder mystery in a mysterious world. Fun game and exactly what I was looking for this evening.

Glad you enjoyed it! 


Nice game, enjoyed it

Thank you!


a Interesting Universe

the gameplay it's a classic point and click, the protagonist is a sentinel, a detective of Strange Creatures, in this story we got a murder case, an uncommon one about witches, they were banished from the world and put it on a hell hole ,but some witches trasspased that dimension and they want to live on the other world. it's a bit sad because the justice becomed against witches but there is not justice for witches...

In my opinion:

it's an interesting story (good job aviv salinas for the story and art of the game!) and good ambience and music (good job too eric matyas!).                          it's a 10/10 of a game, it gave me a good time and i really enjoy it. i will try later Elsewere in the Night!


Thank you! Hope you enjoy EITN as much as you enjoyed this game. :)


Haha, if only that were to happen!


Great world idea.  Okay story. Simple puzzles (once you realize its puzzle time). Would love to explore the lore and learn more about the witches, the war, and this supernatural investigative agency. For an intro into a new universe, I loved my time, I just wish I got to spend more time in it. 

Still unsure? Feel free to watch my playthrough:


Thanks! Also watched the playthrough - enjoyed the voice acting for each character, including the mask!


Thanks for sharing your game!


I love the art style, the story was pretty interesting too, I like the ending :]

Thank you! :)


hey really nice game. cool story. i thought the clue about the vhs tape could've been better, was a little confusing. i liked the ending. i also liked that you do nice things for the characters to get information instead of like beating them up or threatening them or something. great work. keep it up.

Thank you, appreciate your comments! 



I enjoyed it a lot!

The background music is just so well-fitted at all times that it's hard to believe the game is made by just one person.

The world-building is unique and full of personality. I loved it and just wondering how awesome would be to read  a novel based on this world.

The ending was heart-touching, and the music pulled off the ambience really well.

I can't wait to play your future games. I'll be happy even if they are half the good as this one 😉

Thanks so much for the kind words man! Glad you enjoyed the game!


Great as usual! This  punchy bite-sized pulp  narrative does a great job building an evocative world and showcasing some very cool pixel art.

Thank you! <3


Awesome game,with great story,nice art style,and amazing soundtrack,the ending was very soulful,5\5


Thank you! I'm glad the game resonated with you.


The art style of this game is awesome! It reminds me of the animated series I used to watch a lot as a child, "Jackie Chan Adventures".


Thank you! <3


I loved this game so much - so short, and yet it really leaves an impact!

I really enjoyed how it feels like a whole world of its own, even if we're only given glimpses of it we can really put ourselves in it.


That made my day. So glad you enjoyed the game!


Quality game!  Good art, excellent musical accompaniment. I had one "dang it!" moment with a puzzle, and I suspect Cosmic Void has aggressively playtested this because the hint I needed is in the Itch page images.  

Congrats on making Itch's front-page, this game deserves it!

Thanks so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :) <3


very nice



Great job, I loved it!

So glad to hear! <3


Short but interesting :)


Cheers, Ana! :)


Awesome! I really love the character design and environments. Also witches with magical items and guns sound intimidating.

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed the game! 

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Excellent! This game is a great combination of a rich mystical background with wonderful pixel art graphics - perfectly blended these features create an atmospherically dense, albeit short but fantastic gaming experience!

Thanks for the kind words! :)


Heck yeah!  So excited to see the final version.    At least, until Netflix options this story for an original film...


Haha, if only that were to happen! xD